Classic Numbers

Smart Number provides you with an easy to remember phone number that is made up of digits and alphabets that identify your business, product and services. This unique identification of your business number makes it easy to be recalled by your prospects which will result in more engagement and customer retention.

Reasons why you should have a smart number

Increase in customer retention. Your business lose money when your customer is unable to reach you immediately because they can’t recall your phone number. A Smart Number allows your business phone number to be easily remembered than normal phone number. Examples of a Smart Number: 0700KingsElite

Smart phone numbers have two categories:

• Toll-free 0800 numbers
• Non-toll free 0700 numbers

Toll-free numbers means you will pay the call bills when your customer call your smart phone number while non-toll free means your caller will be responsible for the call bills.

Let’s help you setup a premium smart number that will result in increased engagement with your prospect and increase in sales. Contact us for details on how we can set your business smart number up.