GSM Shortcode

Shortcodes are a special kind of telephone numbers which are shorter than normal telephone numbers that are used to address SMS and MMS messages from certain network providers. Shortcodes are used to process two way billing messaging with special billing charge. Its a 5 or 6 digit number that can send and receive shortcode messages. Example of shortcode numbers are: 34468, 37789, 33245

There are two categories of shortcode: Shared Shortcode and Dedicated Shortcode

A Shared Shortcode is used by multiple brands which share the setup costs and fees. Such arrangements make shared shortcode affordable and accessible to smaller businesses who may not have the financial resources to have a dedicated shortcode

A Dedicated Shortcode is exclusively used by only one brand. The setup costs and fees associated with dedicated shortcode are the full responsibility of the business that intends to use the dedicated short code.

Shortcodes uses keywords to operate and keywords are prefix letters that redirect SMS traffic to your shortcode own inbox. Keywords are normally between 3-11 characters. For example, text “Sports to 34345” for breaking news in the world of sport. SMS cost N50 per week. When subscribers text “Sports to 34345”, they will be subscribed to your service and you will start sending your subscribers information on latest sports news.

Short codes can be used for the following:

SMS Voting
SMS Quiz
SMS Competitions
Text to Win promos
SMS Voting
Prize draws
Validation of Pins
Mobile Banking
Health, Business and Financial Tips
Breaking News
Charity Donations