Top 10 Free Ways to Advertise Your Business Online

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It’s a known fact that if you are in business, it’s either you market your product and services or else, the business will not grow. Marketing is the blood that sustains business growth. One of the major reasons why businesses collapse is the unavailability of paying customers. In today article, I will be highlighting Top 10 way’s to advertise your business online for free.

1) List your business on Online directories

Search for business directories in your country and list your business. With that, your target audience can easily locate your business when researching online. Its always free to join these directories and they can get your business massive exposure.

Top Nigeria business directories

Top USA business directories

Top South Africa business directories

Top Uk Business Directories

Just log on to Google and type “your country business directory”. For example, “Canada business directory”

2)  List your business on Google Places

Google Places is one of the best ways to get free online publicity to your business. Google will start sending visitors to your business website whenever people search for products or services you offer within the locality. Visit sign up and list your business. Ensure you fill all the questionnaire form.

 3) Email Marketing

If you have been online for sometime, you will understand the numerous benefit of email marketing. Start getting business leads by offering Free Resources and information in exchange for email contact. You can also send email promotions to your existing email leads.

 4) Post on Free Online Classified websites

You can advertise your business for free by placing free classified ads is the world most popular classified website. You can also search for classified website in your country by using google.   and are some Nigeria classified ad websites, while and  for South Africa. Log on to Google and start searching for Free Classified ads in your region.

5) Using Social bookmarking website

Another useful way to advertise your business online is by submitting your business website to social bookmarking website like DiggTechnorati and others

6) Youtube Videos

1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month, it’s definitely a good platform to advertise your business for free while entertaining and informing youtube users. Produce quality video for free with  , upload on youtube and include your business detail when writing description for the videos. You can also promote your business inside the video.

7) Start  Blogging

Search engines love blogs because they are frequently updated with useful information. Search engines are in business to provide searchers quality information. By blogging for free on or, you will be attracting lot of attention to your business.

8) Use Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

Social networks has redefine the way we connect and interact with people. With over 1 billion people on facebook, 200 million users on Linkedin and 450 million on Twitter, they are good medium to advertise for free. Join these social networks, participate on groups and advertise your business for free.

9) Submit Press Release

Writing and submitting press release about your business will definitely boost its visbility online. Here are some free press release website you can make use of:

Press release websites:

10) Use Slideshare

By creating and uploading your powerpoint presentation on will get you more online visibility. Your powerpoint presentation should be very informative and don’t forget to include your business information on the presentation.

I know you are now filled with Ideas on Free way’s to market your business online. The ball is now in your court. Start implementing these Ideas right now and get more exposure to your business which will result in more sales.

Do you have more ideas to share with us or would want to contribute to this articles? Kindly use the comment box below and share your knowledge.

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